Make your websites editable - automatically

Just connect Selector to your FTP and your HTML files will be editable.


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Selector automatically figures out how to make your website editable — without breaking your design.

All you need are HTML files on an FTP server and Selector does the rest for you.

Focus on your design

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Create your websites however you want, no need to change your workflow, hosting, or do anything differently.

Selector works from just standard HTML, so if you can design websites then you already know how to use it.

Nothing new to learn — HTML5 is our API

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Selector handles the editing so you can concentrate on creating sites instead of making them work with a CMS.

Clients can’t break your style or layouts either, Selector keeps everything safe.

Inherently secure


No need to install anything or worry about security updates anymore, Selector always stays up to date.

Your information is stored using industry standard encryption (Bcrypt and AES-128 to be precise :-)

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