Terms of Service

Bottom line: We're here to help you edit websites.

By using Selector you agree to all the terms below.

The website at selector.io is owned and operated by Selector, LLC ("Selector") a limited liability corporation registered in the USA.

We develop and provide a website editing service that allows you to easily login to a web server and edit its files. By providing us with your server's username and password, you agree that our service may connect to your server in order to edit its files.

To use our service you need to create your own account and provide us with your email address. Depending on how you use Selector you may also need to provide your payment information to pay for service.

We always try our best, but sometimes things can go wrong and the service may be temporarily interrupted. By using Selector you agree that we're not liable for any loss of business that may result from problems that may occur.

Although we have multiple safeguards in place to prevent bad things from happening, if something ever goes terribly wrong, files or data on your website could become corrupted or deleted. By using our service you agree that we're not liable if something like that happens. Always keep a backup of your website.

That said, if you'd ever like a refund, just ask: support@selector.io.

You agree not to use Selector to edit websites that harass people or contain pornographic material.

We may stop providing our service at any time. Likewise, you can stop using your account at anytime. If you would ever like us to delete your account, just ask: support@selector.io.