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Quick Answers

Is there a way to limit Selector from accessing my entire server?

Yes! You can limit Selector to only part of your file system. This is a security best practice.

The best way is to make a special FTP account for Selector that only has access to the files you want. For example, if your website is in public_html/, then create an FTP account which only has access to that folder, so even in the worst case nothing else can be affected.

There’s some additional safeguards in place too, for example, Selector is internally limited to only be able access and modify HTML, JPEG, PNG and GIF files.

Can I test Selector with just a specific folder?

Yup, the easiest way is to make a subdomain that maps to the folder you want to test with.

For example, if you want to limit Selector to only this folder:, make a subdomain that serves content from the testing folder.

Where did you get the nice UI icons from?

Thanks for noticing. The icons were made by these great authors: Freepik, Icomoon, SimpleIcon and Sarfraz Shoukat. They're available under CC Attribution 3.0.