Privacy Policy

Keeping your information safe is incredibly important to us.

We will never sell your information to anyone.

Do you collect any personal information?

Only when necessary. We store your user profile so you can login and keep information about site usage in order to make Selector better and faster for you. That said, we don't even store your name on our servers.

Will you ever see my FTP passwords or S3 credentials?

No way!

Your FTP credentials (usernames and passwords) and S3 credentials are kept fully encrypted with strong encryption and strictly confidential. No person at Selector will ever see your unencrypted credentials.

Protecting access to your server is the most important thing we do.

How does Selector access my FTP?

Selector will connect to your FTP server when you login to Selector and use it to interact with your server. From time to time, Selector may automatically connect to your server to ensure it stays up to date with your website.

No person at Selector will ever manually login to your servers, access your files, or see your unencrypted usernames or passwords.

What services does Selector use?

We use Mixpanel for analytics and Stripe for secure payment processing.

We don't store your name on our servers. All of your payment information, including your name, credit card numbers and security codes are solely kept on Stripe's secure servers.

Do you use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies to remember you. It's safe.

Will you spam me?

No. Spam sucks.

Generally you'll never hear from us. From time to time, we might send emails to all our users like announcing an important change, but that's it. We're not here to market to you.

Can I delete my account?

Sure, we'd be happy to, just ask us: